Funding Finance & The Pitch
Aug 23–24, Phoenix
@Hera Hub

Funding, Financing
& The Pitch!

Attend our live workshop @ Hera Hub Phoenix
August 23-24, 2019
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Funding, Financing, & The Pitch

Learn to monetize your entrepreneurial venture.

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About the Event:

August 23rd
6:00 – 8:00 pm

The Founders’ Social
(Networking Mixer)


August 24th
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Funding, Financing & The Pitch


We will be hosting a two-hour networking event on the eve of our live workshop. On Friday, August 23rd, you are invited to Hera Hub Phoenix to network with professionals and entrepreneurs. Snacks & drinks will be provided. This networking event is free; all are welcomed!



Saturday’s workshop will present the four pillars of funding & financing followed by an optional pitch competition.  You will learn how to use the Startup Roadmap to get your business out of the startup phase as quickly as possible while making sure you set up your venture for financial success through valuation, funding rounds, resource allocation and proper pricing. 



The Pitch competition will take place immediately after the funding & financing workshop (guidelines given after registration). Participants will be given 3 minutes to pitch their venture, receive feedback from 3 incredible judges and the winner will receive a spot in The Reef – Cloud Accelerator complete with mentorship, resources and one-on-one guidance provided by our trained and certified startup experts.



How will you fund and finance your company? What types of funding rounds are there and how do I prepare for them? How can your startup compete in crowded markets with establish corporations? 


All of these questions and more will be explored @ Funding, Financing & The Pitch!

Who should attend?

Small Business Owners

Startup Founders




Structure & Order in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has a major problem. It’s academia and Silicon Valley. What are Professors, Venture Capitalists, and entrepreneurship thought leaders teaching innovators? Depending who you ask, you may receive a myriad of answers: The Business Model Canvas (Osterwalder), The Startup Owner’s Manual (Steve Blank, Bob Dorf), The Lean Launch (Eric Ries), Zero to One (Theil), etc.

All of these resources are valuable. But once you learn which resources you will consume, your most natural question of questions is undoubtedly, In what order? What sequence are they teaching these resources, and where do I start?” Surprisingly, you’ll receive dozens of answers ranging from business plans to various books from Silicon Valley titans. Essentially, educators are told they may pick which resource they prefer to implement first. This is completely unacceptable and disappointing for three reasons:

No Experience

The majority of teachers have little or no experience investing or building their own startups.

No Variability

The variability of teaching methodologies for entrepreneurship does not account for the timing of specific principals to be taught at appropriate times, thus there are too many failures with few successes.

No Teaching Experience

The majority of Venture Capitalists (VC) or investors have little or no experience in teaching.

Entrepreneurs Across The World Are Using Aha To Exit™

Brandon Keeber, Co-Founder of Bloom Technologies, LLC

Mentor Dida
Mentor Dida
Program Coordinator at Ashoka Youth Ventures
“The Aha To Exit method helps students see the journey of an entrepreneur and know what is the sacrifice needed to go all the way to Exit. For me, it is the Bible of entrepreneurship.”
Michael Nield
Michael Nield
Operations/Finance Entrepreneur
Will save you months of time doing the right planning; start and build from here.”
Chad Brown
Chad Brown
Sr. Program Architect, Salesforce
“The Aha To Exit Startup Roadmap is an awesome tool! There should be a poster-sized version on the wall of every early-stage startup.”
Troy Swope
Troy Swope
“Want to tell investors where you’ve been, where you’re at and where you’re going? Utilize all the resources at Aha To Exit.”

Funding & Financing Curriculum

The four financial pillars from Aha To Exit™ you will learn at this workshop:


Assessing the value of your company is essential for any entrepreneur, business owner, employee, or potential investor -- for any size company. And like most complex mathematical problems, it depends on a variety of factors. You will learn the key factors in determining the valuation of your company including pre-money, post-money & terminal valuation. If you're an entrepreneur, understanding the value of your company becomes increasingly important as your business grows, especially if you want to raise capital, sell a portion of the business, or borrow money.

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Funding Rounds

A startup with an incredible business idea needs to get its operations up and running. The first round of funding maybe support from friends, family and fools, but before long your venture may require additional rounds of funding. During the funding and financing workshop we’ll cover important topics: debt vs equity, rounds of funding (seed round, A round, B round & mezz funding).

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The CFO Hat

All ventures regardless of size or industry need to focus on monetization. In the funding and financing workshop expect to learn about cash flow vs profit, break even points and how to identify your monetization tactics. Understanding how to manage your resources, allocate those resources and strategize with timing is essential to sustain and scale your venture.

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How do you approach pricing? We’ll address many of the pricing myths that exist and how to avoid common pitfalls. The pricing of any offer can be tricky and have both negative and positive effects in the long run. Pricing takes a number of calculated risks and research to get it just right. With this workshop you’ll be able to understand market share, cost-base vs market-based pricing and how to target the proper audience.

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